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So Is Why Koreans Do not have Mustache – Myths Busted!

We all have wondered at some point whether or not Koreans is grow a mustache or not. Don’t they grow a beard whatsoever? Let me reveal as to the reasons Koreans don’t have a mustache.


Whether or not you see K-drama, K-pop music or consider the well-known BTS, you may have constantly wondered as to why Korean men do not have an effective beard? Never they grow a mustache at all? Or perhaps is they its liking to not ever care for you to? If Korean boys can also be expand a beard, then will it be element of Korean community not to grow good beard? In this article, we will answer all of your questions.

Can Koreans Also Develop Facial hair?

Yes, Koreans is also grow facial hair like other males around the world. However, system hair and its progress vary somewhat certainly one of human beings. It can be due to evolutionary techniques and you will migratory characteristics.

Which have development, anyone been life across various parts of the nation and been adjusting on place in which it resided. Eg, people that gone to live in cool regions put up far more human anatomy tresses so you’re able to handle frigid weather weather. People who lived in the brand new much warmer otherwise moderate weather elements expanded reduced looks locks, particularly Koreans and you will Eastern Asians.

What does Genetics Share with Regarding the Koreans to have Beard Growth?

Far-eastern males develop mild beards compared to Western european and you will Western males. According to a survey, East Western some body, together with Koreans, grow sparser undesired facial hair due to a version of EDAR genemon differences of gene are associated with the locks thickness and you will straightness from inside the East Asians.

Family genes signifies that don’t assume all Korean kid is also develop an entire beard like any almost every other Western or Eu child. Some are unable to grow a mustache, and others enjoys complete-mature beards. It all depends mostly on the genes, wellness, existence, and you can hormone. Mustache growth is also affected by ethnicity and you may inheritance.

Testosterone hormonal (a man intercourse hormonal) accounts for face and mustache hair growth. For men aged 19 to help you 38 ages, testosterone membership is going to be anywhere between 264-916 nanograms for every deciliter (ng/dL).

As per a study, the amount of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) development determines the fresh new beard growth rate. DHT is actually a byproduct out-of testosterone that’s activated into the tresses follicles by the system chemical compounds. Ergo, low levels out of testosterone adversely affect the growth of the fresh mustache.

Thus, it could be a real reason for its lack of mustache otherwise face growth in particular Korean men. Along with, Korean males provides reduced sensitiveness from hair follicles so you can testosterone, so they really has actually sluggish mustache growth. It is also an undeniable fact that Korean guys are genetically preset to expand less beards, so they primarily possess a light beard, even though their testosterone levels are normal.

Furthermore, according to knowledge, additional ethnic teams exhibit additional facial hair growth activities. Including, males of Mediterranean countries build heavier weight beards than many escort sites Aurora other regions. And additionally, Chinese, Japanese, and you can Korean guys reduce facial hair gains than Caucasian boys.

Including, according to a survey, the newest diameter of locks varies from 17 to 180 mm certainly one of men all over earth. Thick locks helps make the mustache thicker-searching.

As to why Koreans Lack Mustache?

Now you know that Korean guys can be expand a beard, so just why try not to Koreans possess a beard? Simply a percentage of Korean population, below 31% regarding Korean males, keep beards. Here are a few you are able to reasons for they:

step one. Historic Explanations

The brand new antipathy off Korean boys in order to beards has its own sources in the Korean record. According to the photo off old Korean emperors, the fresh Koreans increased beards. Yet not, it offers altered from years.

Within the Joseon Time, around the 14th 100 years, it was felt offending in order to spoil the body and its own parts, plus tresses. Thus, Korean males had beards throughout the strong Joseon point in time.

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