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Both of them display new love for black colored, cemeteries, and you may lifetime at night

Raven Madison is the merely goth woman during the Becky Miller on their side, Raven discovers by herself the goal out of intimidation by Trevor Mitchell and you will others around who don’t understand the girl. She finds out information regarding brand new man, Alexander Sterling, just who movements to Dullsville, and this is for her sixteenth birthday celebration.

Incidents [ ]

Raven dressed since the a golf player with her dad’s 200 money racket. She offered specific chocolate and you will a spider band to help you Jameson, who she nicknamed Scary Man. She came across Trevor, just who tries to go back from the the lady to own taking their outfits of the spray paint the new Mansion and blaming it on her. She moves the spraying is and Trevor’s hand, nevertheless the racket happens flying involved. She will be taking off from inside the Matt’s, Trevor’s most readily useful friend’s, vehicle and leaving Trevor trailing. Alexander areas the lady just like the she actually is making.

Snowball [ ]

Raven takes Alexander so you can this lady school’s Snow Baseball and you will shows him to. After they get to the dancing place, Trevor treks doing her or him and you can initiate insulting your. Trevor reveals Raven their big date, Becky, who is Raven’s closest friend. Raven was resentful that he involved both. Trevor fundamentally becomes the woman to say the real good reason why she snuck for the Mansion. Whenever she teaches you, Alexander is damage and you will runs off having Raven running off after your. Becky attempts to go after her and to point out that she actually is disappointed. Raven is sad one to Alexander get dislike the lady and this she simply destroyed the woman just suitable child.

Jagger and you may Luna [ ]

When Alexander temporarily movements off Dullsville, she begins interested in your during the an effective Goth bar from inside the Hipsterville. The name of bar ‘s the Coffin Club. Here, she matches Jagger Maxwell in fact it is greeting so you can his flat. Absolutely nothing do she learn, Jagger is seeking revenge on Alexander. Alexander discovers Raven and flees Hipsterville to visit Dullsville. Jagger follows them and you will tries to bond Alexander’s spouse to your eternally thus their revenge might possibly be over. Alexander and you can Raven trick Jagger towards convinced that Raven is restricted so you can Alexander.

Coffin Club [ ]

It’s summertime in Dullsville and you will Raven was chomping on section to leave regarding college or university. The single thing placing a great damper on her behalf agreements is the fact Alexander nonetheless have not came back out of Hipsterville just after reuniting Valentine Maxwell with their sibling and you may sister. The single thing she catch new coach so you can Hipsterville to possess a keen impromptu trip to their Cousin Libby’s family. Raven takes the initial options she reaches check out the newest home Alexander and Jameson keeps rented. Her day having Alexander has never been for a lengthy period. Shortly after a quick restaurants it’s time on her behalf so you can return in order to their Aunt’s family. In advance of she goes to the even though, she decides to look at the Coffin Club, the fresh Goth pub she went along to the last big date she was a student in Hipsterville (in the event Alexander cautioned her never to go there by yourself). Just after inside, she instantaneously can say the spot has changed. It is much more packed plus it appears a small way more severe. This woman is interested in one person specifically – a motorbike riding, fabric dressed in, red haired man. She cannot frequently grab their vision away from your. The guy frightens the woman and intrigues the lady at the same time. When searching inside the bar, Raven gets turned to and you may stumbles up on one thing called the Dungeon. The new Cell is based according to the Coffin Bar. Some very interesting folks are into the attendance, in addition to Jagger, Alexander’s few years enemy. Men https://datingranking.net/tr/qeep-inceleme/ called Phoenix demands Jagger having management and you may Raven gets stuck involved. It is revealed that Alexander is actually Phoenix.

Dating [ ]

The girl mothers was Sarah and you can Billy ). Raven enjoys a best friend titled Trevor Mitchell try Ravens nemesis, hes become their nemesis just like the preschool and has now perhaps not stopped tormenting the girl since that time. Trevor plays soccer which is referred to as well-known boy in the university. Trevor’s companion try Matt Wells, whom later on regarding story will get Becky’s sweetheart, he or she is much better than just Trevor. Raven very first saw the girl coming sweetheart, Alexander Sterling , in route household of Matt Wells cluster, who she nicknamed “Blond Boy.” unsure he was good vampire.

Personal Hobbies [ ]

Alexander Sterling are the lady date, regardless of if Trevor is actually this lady earliest hug. Her and Alexander was indeed due to good and the bad but using its love for each it works thanks to each and every disease. Alexander cares really significantly to own Raven and desires cover the girl on Underworld.  

Trevor Mitchell [ ]

It is certain one Trevor likes Raven because he made an effort to hug their when she snuck in the place, and since the fresh new gift provided to him from the Raven after they was basically more youthful had been indeed there. In Vampireville, when Luna and Trevor was basically taking walks off, he needless to say envisioned it had been Raven. He is out of his cure for humiliate the lady, it is obtaining their attract. Raven commonly revealed their detestation to have Trevor, regardless if she do periodically acknowledge one to she believes he could be stunning, and even often fantasizes on the getting together with him.

Alexander Sterling [ ]

Alexander is Raven’s date. They came across into the nights Halloween and though Raven is constantly modifying between even in the event she experienced Alexander to-be a vampire, she deducted one to she didn’t head. They have much in accordance on account of Alexander being a beneficial old-fashioned vampire and Raven’s need for blond layout. However they is actually handled the same exact way due to the fact outcasts, and both love each other seriously.She loves him however, wishes your to make the woman while having was afraid of you to definitely same fact.

Jagger Maxwell [ ]

Jagger made an effort to thread Raven to help you your within push-inside the motion picture, but were not successful. Ever since, they have chased their, seeking to bond together with her at each options, however, they are ineffective. From the Graveyard Gala, the guy dressed up since the good grim reaper and found out you to definitely Raven is not a beneficial vampire or bonded in order to Alexander for everybody eternity. He tried to bond with her in the graveyard, it is washed-out from the Alexander and you may Trevor in advance of he might. He aims one final time in the finally publication and confesses so you can this lady one to she’s their fantasy woman and is also perhaps not his fault in the event that Alexander won’t use the possibility to enjoys his fantasy woman. According to him he intentions to at the very least just be sure to provides their dream woman, and then he including says he usually do not help it to if it gusts of wind up the same woman. Once he is refused, he offers on Raven and dilemmas the two don’t.

Claude Sterling [ ]

Claude is Alexander’s relative. The guy appears only on manga. He looks interested in Raven within the a mysterious means, not sufficiently strong so you’re able to perspective a threat to help you Raven and you may Alexander’s relationship.

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